About Us

Finding Fort Congaree II is a spin-off of the Finding Granby project. Once again, completely worked and funded by a group of volunteers who are not content with just sitting back and reading history books or visiting museums. We want to write the books and fill the museums


In this project, we are honored to carry a historic Explorers Club Flag which, in its 64 years, has been on adventures all over the world:

Carl G. Moberg        1950  Swedish, Norwegian, French Expedition to Africa
John G. Stubenbord    1961  Labrador Expedition
Jill Botway           1984  The Florence Sobek Expedition
Prof. Helmut Lieth    1985  Tracing Orbit 29 of Columbus Shuttle in S. Kashmir
W. Scott Hoover       1986  Evol. Biology Begonia Stomata, Panama & Cost Rica
W. Scott Hoover       2000  Javanese Mtns. & Taxonomic Revision of Begonia Java
Charles E. Rawlings   2001  Cephalopods of N. Sulawesi : Underwater Photography
Gene Savoy            2001  Gran Saposoa-El Dorado III 2001
Kirk Usher Jr.        2004  High Altitude Physiology Study
Warner M. Montgomery  2006  Farenya-Rosebank Slave Trade Connection
Alison M. Fujino      2006  Kite Aerial Photography of California Gray Whales
H. Morgan Smith       2006  Curare Quest Expedition
Charles E. Rawlings   2011  Photo Survey of Living Mollusks in Coastal Honduras
David Brinkman        2014  Fort Congaree II, Cayce, South Carolina US