Pit 2: Level 1

Location: 33.96580185037271, -81.03941868121642

June 2, 2012. Pit 2: Level 1 produced: 7 pieces of pottery. 1 nail. Many pieces of brick and charcoal like material. For pit #2, Dean Hunt and I decided to pick a location in the area closest to Friday's Ferry. Also digging with us were Odess Brinkman, Tina Whitaker, and Adam Whitaker. We used the metal detector to narrow the sight down. As before, the metal detector object proved to be a +1960's item but we got lucky. In just 17cm, there were over 30 pieces of charcoal, 60 pieces of brick fragments, some rocks that were burnt on one side, one possible Indian flint, 3 different types of old glass, 4 different types of pottery (likely from the 1700's), and a very old nail.