Pit 2: Level 3

Completed June 9, 2012. Pit 2: Level 3 produced: 18 pieces of pottery, 5 nails, 30 pieces of old glass. An even larger increase in brick from level 2. Dean, Fred, and I continued with Level 3 that same morning and the results continued to pour in.
Final Pit Results:
We were excited to continue pit #2 after finding promising results in level 1 (7 pieces of pottery, an old nail, and lots of brick fragments). Fred Morrison (who came by during the pit #2 level 1 excavation) made us 2 wonderful (and colorful) sifting screens (a hand sifter and a rocking sifter). We used the rocking sifter and it proved to be very efficient as we completed levels 2 and 3 in just 90 minutes while finding hundreds of artifacts (this is not an exaggeration). There was an obvious reduction in the asphalt-coal-like pieces we were finding in the first level but at the same time a significant increase in pottery (30 pieces), nails (7), and brick fragments. At 40cm, the artifacts suddenly disappeared. We continued to dig until 47cm and closed the pit at that point. Pit #2 exceeded all of our expectations.