Pit 5: Level 1

Completed July 7, 2012. We beat the heat by starting at 6:30AM with a good size team of Ken and Cooper Banks, Dean Hunt, Fred Morrison, Odess, Jeremy, and David Brinkman. Pit 5 was started next to Pit 2 but on the Brookcliff Dr. side. Will getting closer to this other road lead to an increase in artifacts as we saw when moving from pit 2 to pit 3 toward Riverland Dr? The results from level 1 showed slightly less pottery (than pit 2) but more glass. Pit 5: Level 1 produced: 4 pieces of pottery (compared to 7 in level 1 of pit 2), 13 pieces of glass (compared to 6 pieces in pit 2), and 1 nail (same as pit 2). Brick count was very similar to pit 2.