Pit 5: Level 3

Completed July 7, 2012. Workers: Ken Banks, Dean Hunt, Fred Morrison, Odess and David Brinkman. We saw a decrease in pottery in level 3 but a slight increase in glass. The pottery we did find, however, was very good and included another kaolin pipe stem segment which was split along the hole. The ceramic in this pipe is very unique and I now realize that it matches 2 pieces from level 2 and also pieces found in pit 3. Many of the green glass pieces also have bubbles indicating that this is hand blown glass. The overall comparison of pit 2 and pit 5 (all levels), however, shows that pit 2 (which had many more artifacts in level 3) had more pottery (37 to 23) but less glass (41 to 53) and less nails (8 to 10). The brick count was about the same. The overall comparison of pit 3 and pit 5 shows that pit 3 had more of everything: pottery (38 to 23), glass (66 to 53), nails (16 to 10), and much more brick. It's still too early to tell but it appears that moving toward the river (Riverland Drive) leads to an increase in artifacts while moving North (toward Brookcliff Dr) does not.