Pit 7: Level 3

Art, Pat, Fred, Dean, and David finished Pit 7 in just 2 hours. A few extra workers made a big difference. Unfortunately, level 3 produced almost nothing. Looking at the overall results, it still shows that the artifact count goes up as you approach Riverland Drive. The final counts for all levels of the pit: 5 pieces of pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 3 nails, and 230g of brick. Later in the day, Odess dug-up an ant-bed by the pine stump nearest the house and, in just a few inches of soil, uncovered a nice piece of charcoal and brick fragment. The entire front yard may be rich in artifacts so we still have much work to do. Art and Pat (old history buff friends) did well today and we hope they will join us on future digs.

Pit 7: Level 3 produced:4 small pieces of Brick, flint, rock, and some small pieces of charcoal.