Pit 13: Level 3

Completed by Art Coogler, David and Odess Brinkman on August 27, 2012. We decided to do a Monday evening dig to complete pit #13. Art and I started at 5pm to try and beat a line of rain heading into Columbia. Drops started to fall as we got started but the pottery and glass was coming in faster than I've ever seen. Expecting really hard rains, Odess, Art, and I, went at the fastest pace possible. Along the way, we found another pipe stem fragment. As we finished pit 13, the rain stopped and the sky cleared. Pit 13 topped its neighbor (pit 9) as the overall best pit in the Granby dig. The overall results for Pit 13: 40 pieces of pottery, 68 pieces of glass, 23 nails and 7 other iron objects, and 2 pipe pieces!

Pit 13: Level 3 produced: 19 pieces of pottery, 44 pieces of glass, 11 nails, and a pipe stem fragment.