Pit 16: Level 3

Completed September 3, 2010 by Jocelyn, DC, Debbie, Fred, Dean, and David. Level 3 died out pretty quick but (because of a good level 2) the overall results for pit 16 were about as good as neighbor pit 6 (30 pieces of pottery, 62 pieces of glass, 14 nails) which means we should continue west on the fence along Brookclif as well south along Riverland Drive. We were all hot, tired, and dirty, after the dig but we enjoyed cold beer and a good lunch prepared by Odess(and a good shrimp salad by Debbie). Clover and Andrea Robichaud (2 of the original diggers from pit 1) interviewed me after the dig about our Finding Granby project.

Pit 16: Level 3 produced: 6 pieces of pottery, 19 pieces of glass, and 3 nails.