Pit 21: Level 3

Started on September 24, 2012 by David Brinkman and finished on September 25 by Odess Brinkman. David relieved Odess for the start of level 3. A small (maybe just a couple of inches) of Level 3 produced most of the pottery, glass, and nails and pushed pit 21 above previous top pit #3 on Riverland drive. The overall counts for pit 21 show we are seeing an increase in artifact counts as we move east to west along the Brookcliff fence. We may be approaching another hot spot in the front yard. The totals for pit 21 were: 31 pieces of pottery, 72 pieces of glass, 20 nails, and 1 pipe stem.

Pit 21: Level 3 produced: 17 pieces of pottery, 49 pieces of glass, 15 nails, and 7 iron pieces.