Pit 25: Levels 1-3

Completed on October 21, 2012 by DC and Jocelyn Locke, Dean Hunt, Debra Carlsen, Robichaud family members (Andrea, Alma, Clover, David, and Michael), Dean Hunt, Debra Carlsen, and David and Odess Brinkman. We did not, originally, plan to do 2 pits but we had a good size work force and everyone wanted to continue. It was a good day to have Archaeologist Michael Robichaud join us as we had some significant finds in the two pits completed today. The most important items in pit 25 were another buck shot, a period iron pot with the leg still intact, and a large piece of chert. DC, Michael, (and later) the State Archaeologist agreed that the pot was period and the chert was rare for this area and could be a very important find. Given that we were doing a pit adjacent to a pit we just completed, we chose to do a single level. In the end, pit 25 was another really good pit. For the first time, we collected over 100 pieces of pottery in one day! Andrea gets the best finds award for pit 25 with the Chert find and the pot excavation. Odess and David Robichaud prepared a nice dinner for us and Dean brought a special cake (see below).

Pit 25: All Levels produced: 46 pieces of pottery, 59 pieces of glass, 14 nails, 7 iron pieces 3 Native American artifacts, and a .27 cal buck shot.

Below are images of Andrea's extraction of the iron pot. Notice the depth of the pot. It is only about 16-17cm deep. I think this is more proof that the bulldozing process in making Riverland Drive (in 1960) stirred-up and push debris into yard. This explains the high content of artifacts along the fence on Riverland Drive and Brookcliff and why a large object like the iron pot piece found its way to the top of the plow zone.

Dean's Finding Granby Cake. It was good. Thanks Dean!