Pit 26: Level 2

Completed October 27, 2012 by Fred Morrison, DC Locke, David and Odess Brinkman. Once again, we had great results from level 2 (which we have not seen in the last few pits where most artifacts were found in level 3.) Odess found 2 pipe pieces and we had 2 pieces of Indian pottery. The USC vs. Tenn football game started as we finished level two. Williams-Brice stadium is not far on the other side of the river and the crowd, fireworks, and crowing could be easily heard. It was also very windy and cloudy today because of hurricane Sandy skipping by South Carolina.

Pit 26: Level 2 produced: 29 pieces of pottery, 40 pieces of glass, and 9 nails.

Below are two photos of a nail excavation in level 2. We normally don't go to this much trouble for a nail but we thought this may be more than a nail.