Pit 31: Level 3

Completed by DC Locke, Fred Morrison, and David Brinkman. Level 3 starting turning out some good numbers but it died out at about 38cm. We continued to almost 47cm but there was almost nothing except tree roots. We have not seen tree roots this deep at any Granby pit. Two finds my Fred saved this mediocre pit. One was a big and dark pipe bowl piece (which really looks old compared to the other bowl pieces we have found) and the other was a brass tack probably from clothing or colonial furniture. The overall artifact numbers for pit 31 do not put it in the top 20 of pits but we did reach a major milestone and found a new type of artifact (the brass tack). The 2 pits we did this weekend were both a surprise. Pit 30 produced a lot more than we expected and Pit 31 was a bit of a disappointment. This probably means a shift in our direction and we will start heading back north from Pit 31 to Pit 30 which is close to Brookcliff. In the Spring, we will try and move South again on the other side of the trees. Right now, I would estimate that we have about another 20 pits to do in this hot zone within the fence. Next Summer, we may look at doing another row on the other side of the fence. So, it looks like another full year of digging in Granby. For Pit 31 (all levels): we found 27 pieces of pottery, 35 pieces of glass, 13 nails, a pipe bowl piece, and a brass tack.

Pit 31: Level 3 produced: 22 pieces of pottery, 26 pieces of glass, 9 nails, a pipe bowl piece, and a brass tack.