Pit 33: Level 3

Completed on December 23 by David, Odess, and Jeremy Brinkman. We were hoping to find a second layer of artifacts in level 3 and it came about half way into the level. Wow! A huge number brick fragments and record number of charcoal fragments. 19 nails and 7 iron pieces! One of our coolest glass pieces. It appears to be a bottle stopper. Also found a split pipe stem and a pipe bowl fragment. We also had some nice pottery pieces. Overall (all levels) although the pottery and glass numbers were not that high, we had good numbers in most of the categories. The power rating for pit 33 puts it at the 4th best pit (much to our surprise after what we saw in adjacent pit 31). Once again, in this area, we saw 2 distinct layers of artifacts. This supports the theory that the 1960 bulldozing of the Riverland Drive road threw artifacts onto the top of the yard (which we found in levels 1 and 2). In this area of the hot zone, we are seeing what may be another layer (bottom of level 3) which may have been there before 1960. All of it is probably from the same trash pit which now appears to have been scattered across the area of the road and into the north-east corner of the yard. Pit 33 may be where 2 different hot zones are overlapping. The total numbers for pit 33 are: 37 pieces of pottery, 58 pieces of glass, 27 nails (ties a record), 71 activity artifacts (a new record and mostly charcoal), and 2 pipe pieces. Although we don't count it as artifacts, pit 33 also had the most and best variety of rocks.

Pit 33: Level 3 produced: 25 pieces of pottery, 47 pieces, a pipe stem, pipe bowl fragment, lead piece, and record number of rocks.