Pit 35: Level 3

Completed by Dean Hunt, DC Locke, David and Odess Brinkman on January 20, 2013. The theory holds true as level 3 started out with nothing but then several centimeters down, we recovered a huge number of artifacts. Once again, we have 2 distinct layers of Granby period artifacts. One in level 1 and the other in level 3. Among our finds was a large pipe piece where the pipe stem comes into the bowl. We also recovered a high number of charcoal fragments. Overall, pit 35 had 39 pieces of pottery including 2 Native American pieces, 47 pieces of glass, 11 nails, and 1 large pipe piece.

Pit 35: Level 3 produced: 28 pieces of pottery, 32 pieces of glass, 8 nails, 6 iron pieces, 1 piece of flint and many pieces of charcoal.