Pit 36: Level 3

Completed April 23, 2013 by:Dean, Jocy and DC Locke, Odess and David Brinkman. Thanks to a record number of nails (18 in this level) and a good pottery take, level 3 turned out to be better than average putting pit 36 in the top 8 of all pits. We found a long 1720-1750 pipe stem and a nice piece of brick like pottery with a fine decoration line on it. There were also 2 Indian pottery pieces and 1 piece of lead. Overall, Pit 36 had 34 pieces of pottery, 68 pieces of glass, 29 nails (a new record), 11 iron pieces, and 2 pipe pieces.

Pit 36: Level 3 produced: 18 pieces of pottery, 59 pieces of glass, 18 nails, and 1 pipe bowl piece.