Pit 41: Level 3

Completed by E. C. Go, Jerry and Cody Wyatt, Odess and David Brinkman on June 14, 2013. Once again, the bottom of level 2 and the top of level 3 had few artifacts but the lower portion of level 3 was loaded. An amazing 53 pieces of pottery and 22 iron pieces (not counting nails). Also, 5 Native American pieces and 2 pipe stems (1720-1750). We really didn't notice these high numbers while digging because we had to go through so many roots and to a depth of 72cm. This is the deepest we have been since pit #1. Odess and I were really worn out from the roots and depth. The real prize were two large connecting base pieces of Edgefield pottery and a gold plated Colonial button found by Odess. The pottery pieces were edge pieces of the base so we were able to determine the diameter of the base (6.25"). A same size base was found on an Edgefield pot on Ebay with the exact same glaze. All levels totaled, pit 41 enters into the top 5 with 67 pieces of pottery, 46 pieces of glass, 17 nails, 41 pieces of Native American (the record), 4 pipe pieces, and a button. It was a really difficult pit to dig so we need to think about how we are going to attack this rich area around the magnolia tree.

Pit 41: Level 3 produced: 53 pieces of pottery, 28 pieces of glass, 16 nails, 22 iron pieces, 5 Native American pieces, and 2 pipe stems.