Pit 47: Level 3

Completed on September 2, 2013 by David Brinkman, Debbie Bloom, Dean Hunt, DC Locke. Even though level 2 robbed level 3 (by going too deep) we still had some really good finds in level 3. Most notably is a new black/brown painted pottery piece, some Native American pieces, a flat iron piece with notches and rivet points, and what appears to be a silver portion of a jewelry piece. We also found a nice pipe stem dated to 1750-1780. Overall numbers for pit 47 (all levels) are 80 pieces of pottery (2nd best so far), 37 peices of glass, 19 nails, 14 iron pieces, 3 pipe pieces, 9 Native American items, a large number of charcoal fragments, 2 coins, a jewelry piece, and one leather like item. Pit 47 ranks #7. The pits between the Judas tree and Magnolia tree now account for 5 of the top 7 pits in the Granby dig. You can see how this area stands out in the artifact pit map at: Granby density Pit map.

Pit 47: Level 3 produced: 19 pieces of pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 6 nails, several iron pieces, a possible silver jewelry piece, and a 1750-1800 pipe stem.

Below is a round thin object which appears to be silver (based on metal detector readings and appearance). The silver seems to be molded around an iron pin which was broken off.