Pit 49: Level 3

Completed September 29, 2013 by Debbie Bloom, Fred Morrison, DC Locke, David Brinkman, and Dean Hunt. Debbie turned the digging over to the guys in level 3 and it didn't take long to start hitting sandy soil which has always meant an end to artifacts in Granby. We still pulled a good number of glass pieces and some pottery. DC found another pipe stem which proved to be from a 1750-1800 pipe. David found a nice piece of Native American chert and while he was doing the final trim of the walls, he found our first arrowhead! That was a great way to end the dig and we quickly filled the pit and completed the job in 2.5 hours. It was not until later that night that the artifacts were cleaned and we got the surprising result. Pit 49 set new records in glass (kitchen and window), brick, and pipe pieces. It was also the second best in Native American artifacts and one of the best in nails and pottery. This made pit 49 our new number one pit in the artifact power rating calculation. I think we were all surprised, maybe because we breezed through the dig. We had gotten used to deep holes with lots of roots and we did not have that here. The next pit (our big 50th pit) will also be on this side of the fence and we are getting excited about that one. Overall, pit 49 produced 58 pieces of pottery, 102 pieces of glass (a record), 33 nails, 17 iron pieces, over 1.1Kg of brick, 10 Native American pieces, and 8 pipe pieces (including 3 stems).

Pit 49: Level 3 produced: 7 pieces of pottery, 24 pieces of glass, 5 nails, and our first arrowhead.