Pit 50: Level 2

Completed October 6, 2013 by Art Coogler, David and Odess Brinkman, DC Locke, Dean Hunt, and Al Nooft. Level 2 started looking good from the beginning. We pulled out 2 pipe stems both dating from 1750-1800. A large iron pieces, after cleaning, appears to have been a door latch. We found a new type of pottery which is similar to brick but has a silver glaze. More Native American pottery was found. Also found was the obvious upper neck portion of a wine glass and David found another Colonial Brass button with the word "Plated" on the back. Another round iron like piece was found that could be a button. Level 2 had good numbers and some fascinating items.

Pit 50: Level 2 produced: 25 pieces of pottery, 27 pieces of glass, 11 nails, 2 pipe stems, and a Colonial brass button.

Below: Colonial Brass Button (Front and back)

Below: Mystery round iron piece (Front and back)