Pit 53: Level 3

Completed on November 10, 2013 by Jan Ciegler, Odess and David Brinkman, DC Locke, and Dean Hunt. We had a few neat pieces of pottery and a couple of Native American pieces in level 3. The artifact numbers were good but not enough to put pit 53 into the top 5 like previous pits. It still comes in at #9 and we just missed going over 8000 total artifacts for the dig. Pit 53 also brought out some new neighbors and a number of people from the riverwalk. The totals for pit 53 were: 51 pieces of pottery, 70 pieces of glass, 28 nails, 12 iron pieces, .60 caliber musket ball, 3 pipe pieces, and a high count of brick including a cool part of the fireplace base.

Pit 53: Level 3 produced: 21 pieces of pottery 28 pieces of glass, 12 nails, and 2 Native American pieces.