Pit 57: Level 1

Completed December 20, 2013 by IC Go, DC Locke, and David Brinkman. As an early start to the Granby Christmas party, IC, DC, and David completed level 1. The results were typical for this area of the yard. We thought we had a rare level 1 pipe stem but it turned out to be plastic tubing which just happened to be the same size as a colonial pipe stem. After we completed the level, David set up the sifting screen for a dig competition between the official historian and archaeologist of the dig (Dean and DC). Later in the evening, DC won the sifting contest and a 1774 Marques of Granby coin from England. Dean seemed happy with his second place prize of a Red Lobster gift certificate. Click here to see a video of Dean vs. DC. We had another fun party which included tasting of 2700 year old and 9000 year old beer recipes.

Pit 57: Level 1 produced: 6 pieces of pottery, 9 pieces of glass, and 1 possible Native American piece.

Below: A few pictures from the Granby 2013 Christmas Party