Pit 57: Level 3

Completed on December 21, 2013 by Jan Ciegler and Odess and David Brinkman. Coming off of a really good level 2, we continued to find large numbers of window glass but lower numbers of pottery. The best piece found, however, looks like the base of a stone bowl. Overall, pit 57 produced 156 artifacts which is a little higher than our average of 150. We found 32 pieces of pottery, 64 pieces of glass, 19 nails, 1 pipe bowl piece, 4 Native American pieces, and a significant number of charcoal pieces.

Pit 57: Level 3 produced: 8 pieces of pottery, 29 pieces of glass 6 nails, and a part of a stone bowl.

Below: What may be a part of the base of a stone/brick bowl.