Pit 61: Level 1

Completed on February 22 and March 2 by David Brinkman and DC Locke. With all the recent cold weather, ice, and snow, DC and David were ready to take advantage of a nice warm day. This was David's first attempt at digging since developing back problems in pits 58, 59, and 60. He quickly noticed that the culprit was, surprisingly, not digging but sifting using the sit-down wheel barrow sifter. The standup sifter was not a problem. He also decided to start using a bucket in level 3 which would be less stressful on the back than lifting a shovel over the head. Level 1 had some old pine tree roots to deal with but nothing like the ones in the adjacent pit 59. Overall, the level 1 artifact results were right in line with other pits in this area.

Pit 61: Level 1 produced: 9 pieces of pottery, 9 pieces of glass, 2 nails, and an old (early 1960's) toy car wheels and axle.