Pit 61: Level 3

Completed on March 2 by David Brinkman and DC Locke. Once again, this level seemed in line with an average pit in this area. DC had the best 2 finds of the pit with a perfect pristine T-head nail which did not have a speck of rust on it. We have no explanation for that as other nails found in the same area (and of the same type/age), had significant rust on them. An even bigger find was a .38-.39 caliber musket ball found by DC. This is the first ball of this size that we have found. It had one small flat edge where it had hit a target. As with the other balls we have found, this was in line with Friday's Ferry. After counting the artifacts, pit 61 came in just a little below average but the unique nail and musket ball finds made it very worthwhile. We also achieved another milestone in going over the 9000 total artifact count. One other thing to note is that this is the first full Grid (grid 13) that we have completed. Grid 13 gave us 3692 artifacts. Early on, we called this lucky grid 13 and it proved to be just that.

Pit 61: Level 3 produced: 22 pieces of pottery (5 Native American), a .39 caliber Revolutionary War musket ball, 1 pipe bowl piece, and 33 pieces of glass.