Pit 62: Level 3

Completed on March 9, 2014 by DC Locke, Dean Hunt, and David Brinkman. Level 3 really gave us a lot of colorful pottery pieces. Another pipe stem (1720-1750) tied the record for pipe pieces in a pit and then DC discovered a record breaking pipe bowl piece. This was no ordinary bowl. This one had the maker's mark on it although only 1/3 of it. It was a circle with the digit 8 on the bottom and what looks like an "I" on the top. We may be able to identify this with some more research. We also found more Indian pottery including a large piece whose type we have not found in previous pits. It appears to be much older than 18th century. Another good level and we thought we might have a new top pit but the pottery, glass, and nails counts were not quite high enough and pit 62 comes in ranked 4th with 240 total artifacts. Total artifact counts were: 75 pieces of pottery, 71 pieces of glass, 41 nails, 10 pipe pieces (a new record), and 9 Native American pieces. A beautiful set of artifacts from pit 62.

Pit 62: Level 3 produced: 38 pieces of pottery, 31 pieces of glass, 24 nails, 4 Native American pieces, and 3 pipe pieces including 1 pipe stem and a bowl piece with the maker's mark.

Below: A close-up image of the pipe bowl piece with a maker's mark.