Pit 66: Level 3

Completed on July 19, 2014 by Dean Hunt, Teresa Mitchell, Jeff Fouste, and Odess and David Brinkman. After a pretty empty few centimeters, the artifacts started pouring in from level 3. Once again, another sign that we are in an area where the road construction pushed artifacts onto the top of our property (levels 1 and 2 in this case) and we are now into the original Granby layer in level 3. After only 39 artifacts in levels 1 and 2, we would get almost 200 in level 3! Jeff found a cool shoe nail for a rare clothing find and we had a number of interesting iron pieces. After cleaning the artifacts, 14 of them from level 3 appear to be Native American. The piece we were really waiting on, however, was a small shell edge piece found by Dean. The special thing about this is that it was the 10,000th artifact found in the Granby dig. Way to go Dean! In the end, after looking at the statistics for pit 66, the pattern of a house structure transition to a storage structure was proven. There was an obvious drop in window glass and brick but not nails. While, at the same time, a huge increase in stoneware and kitchen pottery. We were moving from the house to the storage building. The same pattern was observed in the 3 parallel rows to the west. Overall, pit 66 (all levels) produced: 82 pieces of pottery, 67 pieces of glass, 26 nails, 2 pipe pieces, 25 unknown iron pieces, 10 pieces of charcoal, 15 Native American pieces, and a shoe nail. This makes pit 66, the #9 best pit. If all this was not enough for one day, John Allison arrived with a major Granby find that he made at the South Caroliniana Library while we were digging. It was the 1810 drawing of Granby made by Sarah Friday. For the first time, we had a picture of the town of Granby and the names of the people and businesses that made up the town. It took a few days for it to sink in. The names open the door for a lot more research. Over the week, we developed a new overlay of Sarah's drawing onto the 1939 and 2013 aerial photos of the area. These, and more information about Sarah Friday and the people of Granby can be found at this link.

Pit 66: Level 3 produced: 68 pieces of pottery, 57 pieces of glass, 20 nails, a pipe bowl piece, 19 iron pieces, 14 Native American pieces, and a shoe nail.

Below: Dean and artifact 10,000.

Below: Odess and Teresa

Below: Left: Jeff and Dave, Right: John shows David the long lost Granby Drawing.