Pit 73: Level 1

Completed on November 9, 2014 by Jeff Fouste, David and Odess Brinkman, DC Locke, Dean Hunt, and Teresa Mitchell. It was good to have Jeff back in full action today and he was excited about it. Pit 73 is the last pit in the row along the inside of the Brookcliff Road fence. Although not as good as the line along Riverland Drive, we still find good stuff in this area. Level 1 produced a couple of new pottery types. One was like brick except with a glaze on an edge. The brick-like part, however, had some small pure white particles in it. We have seen many pieces like this but, without the glaze, we were throwing them into the brick category. That's something we will need to correct at some point. This could amount to several hundred pieces of pottery that we thought were brick. The cool find of the level was a brown 1720-1750 pipe stem found by Dean. Dean was just coming off of his first talk in a series of talks at Richland Library about Sherman's march through South Carolina.

Pit 73: Level 1 produced: 11 pieces of pottery, 14 pieces of glass, 1 nail, 1 Native American piece, and 1 1720-1750 pipe stem.

Granby digger Debbie Bloom introducing Granby digger Dean Hunt at the Richland Library.