Pit 80: Level 2

Completed on May 26, 2015 by Clover Robichaud, Michael Robichaud, Tim Bradshaw, Jeff, Karen, Dean Hunt, DC Locke, and David Brinkman. Level 2 digging was led by archaeologist Michael Robichaud. This is the second Granby dig that Michael has taken part in. The mysterious floating Asphalt/Tar material continued to show in level 2 but it appeared in the same amount as what we think are asphalt pieces. In level 1, the floating pieces were small in number compared to the"sinking" asphalt. Level 2 produced nice numbers of pottery including one Native American piece. DC found a very interesting iron piece which appears to be two pieces attached together with a very small pin. This could be a gun part. Another really good find was a brown salt glazed English stoneware piece. This type of pottery was made between 1690 to 1775 making it another very early Granby piece or maybe an item from the first owner of the property and first area trader, Thomas Brown, who lived here between about 1730 to 1749.

Pit 80: Level 2 produced: 10 pieces of pottery, 22 pieces of glass, 3 nails, and 1 Native American piece.