Pit 83: Level 3 and 4

Completed on July 26, 2015 by Lance and Neil Tijing, DC Locke, David and Odess Brinkman. After a below average level 2, we were expecting to see things pick up in level 3 but it didn't happen. Just 1 stoneware pottery piece but we did get 5 green wine bottle glass pieces. Adjacent pits produced artifacts below level 3 so we decided to continue with a level 4 and that paid off. We found some nice pottery pieces including a number of Native American pieces. We also, finally, found some nails. Getting near the bottom of level 4, we ran into a fire pit which produced a number of charcoal pieces. With each piece counting as an artifact, this pushed us over the average artifact count for a pit. The big find, however, came just as we were going to stop but a metal detector hit picked up something. Just in the lower west wall, DC excavated an almost complete large Colonial period buckle.

Pit 83: Level 3 and 4 produced: 12 pieces of pottery, 17 pieces of glass, 9 nails, 72 pieces of charcoal, 9 Native American pieces, a colonial buckle, and a pipe bowl piece.