Damage account 85: Level 2

Collected October 11 and 16, November 7 and 10, 2015, and May 12 and 20, 2016. This flood damaged area has been hit by a number of heavy rains which exposed even more artifacts. This area is very rich in artifacts and should be investigated in the future. After going 9 pit digs without a pipe stem, we have recovered 11 of them here including our best pipe find of the dig: A Gouda, Holland (identified my a Crowned "I" makers mark, an "S" over the Gouda Arms, and a raised dot). This allows us to narrow the age to 1740-1760. The bore hole narrows it down more to 1740-1750 making this, very likely, a pipe of Indian trader Thomas Brown who owned this strip of land at that time. We also found a musket shot ball, a possible plow blade, 5 porcelain and 3 marble pieces which have been rare in the Granby dig.

Pit 85: Collection 2, 3, 4, and 5 produced: 265 pieces of pottery, 9 nails, 1 pick, 3 spilt pipe stem, 7 pipe stems (1720-1750), 1 pipe stem (1750-1800), 18 pieces of glass, a .19 cal musket shot, and 2 bones. The spoon was stainless steel and probably dates to the 1960's.

Below, pictures of the Gouda pipe showing the makers marks.