Pit 88: Level 1

Completed on November 27, 2015 by DC Locke, Odess, and David Brinkman. Black Friday and a perfect day for digging. We kept count this time on the artifacts since we were approaching the milestone of 14,000 total artifacts. Level 1 had an unusually high number of stoneware pieces. The most interesting find did not show until cleaning and that was a small piece of leather which gave us a rare "clothing" category artifact. A part of a toy wheel turned out to be have the makers name on it (Tonka) and was probably from the late 1960's. After completing level 1, we took a break and had lunch while waiting for more diggers to arrive.

Pit 88: Level 1 produced: 44 pieces of pottery, 13 pieces of glass, 1 nail, 2 Native American pieces, and a piece of old leather.