Pit 90: Level 1

Completed by Odess and David Brinkman on December 26, 2015. We look closely at an overall artifact per pit average after every 5 pits. In a case like this, where we have been above average for 4 pits, we like to move to a new area outside of the "hot zone". Usually, this leads to lower results but allows us to better plan future work by eliminating areas. Today we followed this method again and chose the untouched grid #43 on the Riverland Drive fence. Further south, we had done pit 7 which only had 30 artifacts so we were expecting something better than this. With all the rain we have had, sifting was slow and messy and we ran into a lot of thin tree roots which also made the digging difficult. Level 1 actually had fairly good results. Not much different than what we see in the "hot zone". The relatively small numbers of brick, window glass, and nails, went right along with moving away from the Granby house structure. We found 6 Native American pottery pieces which was unusually high for level 1. With only 2 people again, we started early and took a break after the difficult level 1.

Pit 90: Level 1 produced: 7 pieces of pottery, 1 piece of glass, 2 nails, 1 pipe bowl piece, and 6 pieces of Native American pottery.