Pit 93: Level 3

Completed on April 16, 2016 by Odess and David Brinkman, Jocelyn and DC Locke. It did not take long to find 82 artifacts in level 3 and reach the 15,000 milestone. It was another controversy between Odess and DC as to who got number 15,000. Check out this video and you be the judge. About at 40 cms, we found another rectangular feature that was running parallel with Friday's Ferry road. It did not last long so our careful and tedious work paid off. We were overwhelmed with brick and window glass and had good counts in all the architecture categories. When you look at the compilation and interpretation of all Granby artifacts/features, you would expect a corner of the house to be here and the record number of window glass and bricks (and many nails) seems to confirm this. Level 3 ended up with almost 200 artifacts making pit 93 the 4th best pit in the dig. Another very interesting point is the fact that adjacent pits 89 and 93 are the 3rd and 4th best pits of the dig. An equally good adjacent pair are pits 60 and 62 (the 1st and 5th best pits) which also seem to be a corner of the house (south-east). In total, pit 93 had 65 pieces of pottery, 124 pieces of glass (a record), 24 nails, 1309 grams of brick (a record), 21 Native American pieces, 27 charcoal pieces, 17 iron pieces, and 1 pipe bowl piece.

Pit 93: Level 3 produced: 85 pieces of pottery, 9 pieces of glass, 17 nails, 12 iron pieces, 6 Native American pieces, and 22 charcoal pieces.