Pit 95: Level 1

Completed on May 7, 2016 by Odess and David Brinkman. Once again, when artifact numbers are looking really good, we like to check out a different location. In combination with this, I wanted to also narrow the main work area of Granby. Since the artifact average per pit is still increasing, this means we are not half done yet so I wanted to narrow the area to something with about another 100 free pit locations. Below is an image of our pit map with this area outlined in 2 green boxes. I picked pit 95 to be just within this area and got it's location by selecting 4 landmarks from the aerial map and got the right angle intersection of lines (in red) between these points. Once again, we ran into a huge amount of modern brick, asphalt, and concrete in level 1. These don't count as artifacts but finding and cleaning them takes a lot of extra work. When it was all done, we still managed to find a handfull of Colonial period artifacts.

Pit 95: Level 1 produced: 4 pieces of pottery, 17 pieces of glass, 2 nails, 1 Native American piece, and 1 pipe bowl piece.