Pit 97: Level 2

Completed September 17, 2016 by Art Coogler, Odess and David Brinkman. Again, the roots created a lot of extra effort but, by the bottom of level 2, things cleared and the artifacts started showing. David found an old .22 caliber bullet. Just how old, we don't know. It could be Civil War but, more likely, something from around 1880 to 1930. Odess had what would prove to be a huge find. It was a black ceramic piece with both pottery and glass characteristics. It also had a unique embossed design on it which would later prove, beyond any doubt, that it was a black basalt piece of a coffee or tea pot. These were made in England by Josiah Wedgwood from about 1768 into the 1790's when they became very popular in the homes of relatively wealthy people. Thus, another sign of what we already knew, that Granbians were pretty well off. After completing level 2, we decided to do level 3 the next day and we headed to the Cayce Bierkeller.

Pit 97: Level 2 produced: 8 pieces of pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 2 nails, 4 iron pieces pieces, a .22 caliber bullet, and 3 pieces of charcoal.

Below: The old .22 caliber bullet. Anyone have a guess at the age of this?

Below: Our piece of black basalt

Below: Pictures of the likely black basalt tea/coffee pot.

Below: David, Art, and Odess, get their dig reward at the Cayce Bierkeller.