Pit 3: Level 3

Completed June 18, 2012. Pit 3: Level 3 produced: 9 pieces of pottery, 18 pieces of glass, 4 pieces of old glass. 1720-1750 Kaolin pipe stem, more brick. Joining us on this last level of our best hole (so far) were Dean Hunt, Fred Morrison, Odess Brinkman, Jeremy Brinkman, DC Bladeisti, and Natalie Adams Pope. Natalie was the Archaeologist over the 2000 Saxe Gotha dig. She sat down with us and reviewed our artifacts from all 4 pits. She confirmed that many of the nails, pottery, and glass, were very likely from the Granby period. We thank Natalie for her expert interpretation on the artifacts and the special personal interest she has taken in the amazing history of this area.
It took 13 hours this day to do (dig, clean, and photo) levels 2 and 3. It was very exciting as we found several new types of iron artifacts, and a ceramic pipe stem. The final numbers for Pit 3: 38 pieces of pottery (pit #2 had 37), 66 pieces of glass (pit #2 had 41), 16 nails (pit #2 had 8). Brick fragments also increased and there are too many to count. We are getting hotter. We really do have artifacts from the Granby period. On the down side, Natalie thought the artifacts from pit 4 were not Indian and that they could be something from the construction of the 1960 house. We will continue with pit 4 at the next opportunity.