Pit 6: Level 3

Completed July 15, 2012. Dean, Odess, and David completed level 3 and closed the pit. Overall, Pit 6 showed a continued decline in pottery and glass compared to the previous pit (5) but did show an increase in nails and we found another pipe stem fragment. This stem is decorated. It was split along the hole and we only have about 35-40% of the cylinder so it's difficult to measure the hole diameter but it appears to be the typical width of the 1720-1750 pipes. Another thing to note about pit 6 is that The brick fragments seem to be getting smaller. The general feeling is that we are seeing a decline in artifacts as we move north toward Brookcliff drive although the counts are still impressive. We also had a first find of the project in that we found what appears to be bones in 2 different levels of this pit. Pit 6: Level 3 produced 13 pieces of pottery (Pit 5 level 3 had 21), 22 pieces of glass (Pit 5 level 3 had 21), and 6 nails (Pit 5 level 3 had 4). The overall count for all levels of Pit 6 is: 20 pieces of pottery, 35 pieces of glass, and 15 nails. At this point, we will consider moving South again along the fence and also open pits in 2 other un-tested areas of the grid.