Pit 7: Level 1

At 8AM on July 28, 2012, Art and Pat Coogler (new team members) joined Dean Hunt, Fred Morrison, and David Brinkman to do Pit #7. By mistake, we had missed using number 7 last weekend so we used it now. That gives us a total of 9 pits, to date. The team decided to break-away from the very successful Grid 7 and test the theory that artifact concentration will be high all along the fence on Riverland Drive. With that in mind, we picked the opposite end and started the pit at the southern end of the fence. The theory looked pretty good after level 1 was complete (compared to level 1 in the pits of Grid 7). We found pottery, glass, nails, brick, and a .32 caliber bullet. Some of us got a little excited over the bullet but that caliber probably means it was introduced into the plow zone from around 1900 to 1960. (Civil War bullets that look like this are a minimum of about .50 caliber). We had cloudy weather which made it relatively comfortable for digging (compared to the last few digs).

Pit 7: Level 1 produced: 4 pieces of pottery, 2 pieces of glass, 3 nails, brick fragments, and a .32 caliber bullet.