Pit 9: Level 3

Completed July 22, 2012 by Dean and David. We had many people stop by and check out the dig today. Before Pit 9, pit 3 was our best hole. It took us 5 hours to complete just 2 levels of Pit 9 but the total artifact numbers raise the bar. Pit 9 is our best. We shut it down with a bang when we found another pipe stem segment which matches the piece from pit 3 (1720-1750). Pit number 9 gave us many new pottery types which we have not seen and Leo Redmond (Director of the Cayce Museum) confirmed that some of these are European-1700s. We also found our best pieces of charcoal in the project. Overall pit 9 numbers (all levels): 41 pottery pieces (compared to 38 in pit 3), 13 nails (compared to 16 in pit 3) and 7 other iron pieces, and 72 pieces of glass (compared to 66 in pit 3).

Pit 9: Level 3 produced 12 pottery pieces, 5 nails, and 42 pieces of glass.