Pit 10: Level 1

Completed August 2, 2012 by David Brinkman. Since I was working by myself, I decided to start this as a smaller pit near the back door of the house and next to the yard's largest tree. This was also an experiment to test how big the root system of the tree was. I only got 12 cm deep when I hit a huge root. At that point, I had found a good number of items from the 1960 construction of the house (nails and shingles). I dug a few more centimeters around the root and found nothing. I closed the hole at that point feeling pretty certain that there was nothing worth digging in this area.

Pit 10: Level 1 produced 4 nails and 5 pieces of shingles (all modern). There was also several pieces of a hard black substance which seemed to be man-made and modern.: