Pit 12: Level 1

Completed on August 25, 2012 by DC Locke, Jocelyn Locke, David, and Odess. This was the first cool morning we've had on a Granby dig and we were also in the shade in Grid 15. This grid (and pit) is at the most north-western corner of the lot. We were hoping that moving closer to the center of Granby would lead to some good artifacts. Level 1 did make this seem promising with finds in 5 of the top artifact categories (pottery, brick, glass, charcoal, and nail.) The work was hard, however, as the ground was damp from almost daily rains over the last month. I was also a little bit out of shape having not done a dig in 3 weeks.

Pit 12: Level 1 produced: 2 pieces of pottery, 1 piece of glass, 1 nail, and brick fragments.