Pit 19: Level 1

Completed Sept 19, 2012 by Fred Morrison, Dean Hunt, Debra Carlsen, DC Locke, and Jeremy and David Brinkman. Dean, Fred, and David started level 1 and were soon joined by Debra and DC. Krys and Tom Elmore, and Odess Brinkman would come later for a lively last level. The original plan was to start pit #18 early and do pit #19 later. The sun, however, was shining (hot) on pit #18 so we started with pit #19. As we have seen in a couple of our best pits, things started off really slow with only a couple pieces of pottery in level 1 but, by the end, we were seeing a good amount of glass and brick. After cleaning, we would discover a surprise. What I thought was a dirty piece of modern junk turned out to be a gold plated piece of jewelry. 1700's or 1900's? We don't know. The weather was great (78) but the ground was damp and sifting was slow and difficult. Even though the other pit (#18) had been prepared, it looked like we would only have time to do pit #19.

Pit 19: Level 1 produced: 5 pieces of pottery, 10 pieces of glass, 1 nail, 3 unknown iron pieces, and our first piece of gold.