Pit 19: Level 2

Completed Sept 19, 2012 by Fred Morrison, Dean Hunt, Debra Carlsen, DC Locke, Krys and Tom Elmore, David, Jeremy, and Odess Brinkman, and new digger Steve Lambert. Steve is another local history lover who stopped by and introduced himself. We love to get new motivated people like Steve. As far as the digging went, things continued to move slow with the sifting and damp soil. The first half of level 2 produced more brick and glass but not a single piece of pottery. I was beginning to wonder if our hot spot was finally giving out. As we got to the lowest part of level 2, however, the pottery started showing.. once piece after another.

Pit 19: Level 2 produced: 23 pieces of pottery, 29 pieces of glass, and 7 nails.