Pit 19: Level 3

Completed Sept 19, 2012 by Fred Morrison, Dean Hunt, Debra Carlsen, DC Locke, Krys and Tom Elmore, David, Jeremy, and Odess Brinkman, and Steve Lambert. Level 3 kept us busy with the pottery. We found several beautiful pieces including a type we have not seen before. It was, once again, exciting to see that the hot spot is continuing. The conversation was very lively with the addition of local history experts Krys and Tom Elmore. Toward the end, we brought out a light to continue the level a little deeper than we normally go because we were still finding pottery. After closing the hole, we had tacos made by Odess and some historic beverages brought by Tom and Krys. After all the artifact numbers were added, Pit 19 jumped to the number 2 spot just behind neighbor pit #17 (as we would expect with the pattern we have seen in this hotspot with the pits closer to the river having a higher artifact count). We are now even more excited about doing pit #20 which will be our closest pit to the river. Overall numbers for all levels of pit 19: 49 pieces of pottery (2nd best), 82 pieces of glass (tied a record), 23 nails (2nd best), and our first piece of gold.

Pit 19: Level 3 produced: 21 pieces of pottery, 43 pieces of glass, 15 nails, and 5 unknown iron fragments.