Pit 20: Level 1

Completed September 28 by Debbie Bloom, Fred Morrison, and David Brinkman. For two reasons, Pit 21 was a dig we have all been waiting for. First of all, it is the first (and maybe the only) pit on the other side of the Riverland drive fence. Moving in this direction in the hot area has shown an increase in artifact counts. Pit 20 is also in line with our best two pits (#17 and #19) so we are excited to start this dig. As usual for this area, level 1 started a little slow. Debbie and David got off to an early start at 3PM on this first Friday dig and Fred came about 4PM. Others will be joining us for level 2 and 3.

Pit 20: Level 1 produced: 4 pieces of pottery, 7 pieces of glass, and 2 nails.