Pit 20: Level 3

Completed by DC, Miles, Martin, Dean, Debra, Debbie, Fred, and David. Level 3 really delivered and we had a feeling that pit 20 may now be the best. After doubling our Rev-War artifact count, Martin tripled it with a lead buck shot. Level 1 and 2 had only produced white pottery but level 3 exploded with colorful pieces. Overall, we ended up with 51 pieces of pottery, 66 pieces of glass, a record 25 nails!, 2 Rev-war shots, and a pipe piece. We knew the power rating for pit 20 would challenge pit 17 (which had a huge lead over all the other pits) but it wasn't enough. Pit 20 took a comfortable 2nd place position behind pit 17. A couple of weeks back, I predicted that the east-west row of pits 17,19, and 20, would be our best run of the dig and they were. In fact, these 3 pits are now 1, 2, and 3, in the power rating. The early start by Debbie and David allowed us to finish before dark and there was even talk of starting another pit but we were all getting hungry so we filled the hole and enjoyed another good dinner by Odess.

Pit 20: Level 3 produced: 30 pieces of pottery, 44 pieces of glass, 15 nails, 7 iron pieces, and 1 pipe piece. As with all other pits in the area, there was also a large amount of brick.