Pit 22: Level 2

Completed Oct 5th, 2012 by Dean Hunt, DC Locke, Debbie Bloom, Jan Ciegler, Miles Sexton, Jeremy, David, and Odess Brinkman. Surprisingly, level 2 had few artifacts but one was very unique. Dean found what appears to be a bronze pivot mechanism of a folding knife. A design that does not look anything like modern folding/pocket knives. Could it be Colonial or was it from a member of Sherman's Army that camped here just before the invasion and burning of Columbia in 1865? Update: April 2015, Odess while digging a garden over pit 22, found a couple of nails and a mule shoe close to the fence. We had left a couple of inches un-dug there and the artifacts fell out.

Pit 22: Level 2 produced: 5 pieces of pottery, 8 pieces of glass, 5 nails, mule shoe, and the copper knife piece.

Below is the bronze knife part that Dean found and the inset shows a Civil War era folding knife with the pivot area circled.