Pit 29: Level 1 and 2

Completed on November 23, 2012 by Dean Hunt, Fred Morrison, Odess and David Brinkman. Odess and David cut the top of the pit and did a little work before Dean arrived. We stopped and had a turkey and ham lunch and then continued. Dean found a long and decorated pipe stem at about 15cm which is the closest to the surface that we have found clay pipe. It was perfect weather for digging and we got carried away and over dug level 1 so we combined levels 1 and 2. The overall results were about what we have been seeing in other pits in this hot area. The digging is getting harder as we approach the Judas tree (tree roots). We may not be able to get any closer to this tree which is unfortunate with the area being so rich in artifacts.

Pit 29: Level 1 and 2 produced: 16 pieces of pottery, 11 pieces of glass, 4 nails, and 1 decorated pipe stem.