Pit 30: Level 1

Completed December 1, 2012 by Jeremy, Odess, and David Brinkman. 70 degrees and a great day to dig. Since we only had 3 diggers, we moved back to the north side of the hot spot and started a 3rd row see the pit map). I thought this would be easier than dealing with the tree roots on the south end. Coming into today, we were on the verge of meeting 3 milestones: We needed only 1 nail to reach a total of 400 nails. Only 46 grams were needed to reach 10Kg. 30 pieces of pottery were needed to reach 1000. Other pits in this area were just producing about 25 pieces of pottery so that one would be a challenge. The first level started off a little slow and did not bring us to any of the milestones.

Pit 30: Level 1 produced: 2 pieces of pottery, 1 piece of glass, and 24 grams of brick.