Pit 30: Level 2

Completed December 1, 2012 by Jeremy, Odess, and David Brinkman. Early in level 2, Odess found the 400th nail of the Granby dig and we also surpassed the 10kg milestone of brick fragments. Level 2 came alive with large counts of nails, glass, and brick. We also found 10 pieces of pottery (including 3 Native American pieces). The Indian pottery was a surprise since we had not found any in this northern part of the hot-zone.

Pit 30: Level 2 produced: 10 pieces of pottery, 20 pieces of glass, 8 nails, 10 unidentified iron fragments, and 3 pieces of Indian pottery.

Jeremy finds a pipe stem from 1750-1780

Odess finds the 400th nail of the Granby dig!